It came and it went!

Photo by Robert Hawkes

In this Issue...

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Canada 150: A View from James Bay

Why Should Every Canadian Try Lawn Bowling…

Who Speaks for James Bay?

Does Health Care Matter to you?

Terrible Truffles at Birdcages Confectionary

Guide to the Flowering Trees of James Bay

Captain Ron of the Pickle Boat Ferries

News from City Hall

Empty Homes in a Housing Crisis?

Preparing for your 2016 Tax Return

Crash Course for BC…

Victoria during the Great War

Shopping Madness

Striking the fairer balance between landlords and tenants

Vino Buono Theatre Season

Letters to the Editor

Poem: The Sudden Spring

Poem: A Spring Frieze

Poem: Extinct Means GONE.

Poem: Gallimaufry

Poem: Haiku in the JB Hood


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March's Mystery House


February's Mystery House is 27 San Jose Street. Photo by Penny Pitcher