Art for Everyone

Sep 2016

Unveiled in 2011, Glass Half Full is two stainless steel sculptures by Tyler Hodgins. Located west of Harrison Pond on Dallas Road, each represents a straw, resting in a glass of water. Photo and caption by Penny Pitcher.


Mermaid Mosaic by Sandra Millott, located at the five corners, James Bay Square.     Photo by Bob Tuomi


Mural by Peter Allan, assisted by kids and seniors, 2009 - Irving Park.                     Photo by Bob Tuomi


Bronze statue of Captain James Cook by Derek and Patricia Freeborn, 1976. Photo by Bob Tuomi


Mountains within Mountains by Kent Laforme is found at 500 Oswego Street. They are made out of Blue Tlupana marble. Photo and caption by Penny Pitcher.


Public art outside The Reef on Erie Street. Photo by trudy chiswell