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Our Harbour: Safety and Tourism


By Elodie Adams

Members of the JBNA who attended the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority's monthly board meeting February 18 were left wondering what actions would be forthcoming regarding safety in the inner harbour.

In the wake of recent communications between the JBNA and the GVHA, representative members of the association voiced their concerns at the meeting over safety issues in the harbour. Their concerns were stoked by the September 2010 publication of a study done by QualaTech Aero Consulting Ltd.: Requirements for a Safety Case, Air and Water Operations, Victoria Harbour.

Although this isn't the only issue that was discussed during the hour-long public session, the subject of float planes in the inner harbour is a touchy one with some James Bay residents, according to Marg Bridgman. Because of the noise, pollution and general threats to safety due to increased traffic in the air waterway, Bridgman says that members of the JBNA are in agreement with the report to withdraw the support of having a sea plane aerodrome.

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