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New Breakwater

By Doreen Marion Gee

The history of Ogden Point reads like an epic Hollywood movie with twists and turns, rise to glory, fall into obscurity and eventual triumph. It has had many colourful faces and bustling industries over the years and been a place where dreams are made and lost. Success, loss and tragedy speckle its past. But I remember red skies and a long stone path covered in mist. I recall my first crush. And childhood memories of a beautiful getaway with ocean waves and endless horizons.

Ogden Point is named after a notorious figure. Peter Skene Ogden was a violent man with a trigger finger and volatile temper. In May 1816, Ogden served with the North West Company in Green Lake, Northern Saskatchewan. According to the federal government's Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online, "Ogden and a small group of men forced the Hudson Bay Company clerk to hand over to them a local Indian who had persisted in trading with the British company" and "the Indian was butchered in a most cruel manner just a short distance from the fort." A charge of murder was laid against Ogden so his superiors quickly transferred him down south to Oregon. He was eventually hired as a chief trader in the new HBC/NWC coalition and gained trapping rights over a huge territory. The introduction to his own 1825 journal states that Ogden travelled and explored more widely and brought in more furs than anyone else in his time.

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