My Two Cents’ Worth

By Jack Krayenhoff

NIGHT IS FOR SLEEPING, DAY IS FOR RESTING. You know that sign, don't you?

It is located where Douglas Street divides to form Blanshard going right and Douglas itself left, at the Superior Street intersection. Below the sign are two concrete mattresses, which are hardly visible on the picture, but that is just as well, for they make the message only more abominable.

"Night is for sleeping". Fair enough, but I think most of us have figured that out all by ourselves, and is it worth enshrining that statement on a public work of art (I am told this is a work of art)?

But "Day is for resting" - that is a prescription for boredom and early death. It is a notion that some hard-working people thought would be the reward and joy of their retirement, but it killed them instead. Work is a blessing, even if you don't get paid for it, as in volunteering. Of course working for a terrible boss and working under chronic stress is to be avoided, but that is a different issue. No, we all need work - without it we lose self-respect and the respect of others. And this remains true in retirement.

I say this sign (sorry, work of art) is a public health hazard.