Book Review

Publisher: HarperCollins

If you like thrillers, you cannot go wrong with Alan Furst, and if at the same time you like well-researched World War II history, then this author is an absolute must for you. He is a superb writer, who holds your interest from start to finish.

Furst's heroes move in the world of spies, where nothing is straightforward and true, but where everything is merely hinted at and stated in such a way as to deceive everyone except the person who can read between the lines. That is the case with Khristo, a Bulgarian boy who is lured into the Russian NKVD as an agent, who soon finds he has become their prisoner who has lost the freedom to act according to his conscience.

The book chronicles his fruitless attempts to escape from their web.
It takes him through the Spanish Civil War till the end of WW II, and in the process gives a wealth of historical detail that is not generally known. This is mostly because its point of view is not that of the Allies, nor even the Germans, but of Eastern European countries like Poland, Roumenia or Bulgaria, of which most of us know little.

Highly recommended.

Jack Krayenhoff