The crosses we make for ourselves -
Are imaginary like elves.
A restless anxiety as to the future
Isn't a cross from God, but a suture.
The future is not yet ours & perhaps
never will be.
Let us worship silently, abide in peace.
His future, we shall see!
Think optimistically about your life,
trust your hopes, not fears,
It will save you many tears.
A pessimist is someone who
Believes when her cup runs over
She will need a mop.
When these thoughts come, she
    needs to make them stop.
Lord God, help us put You first
In everything we do, so your
light will shine through us & show
the world our need for You!
Troubles are only speed bumps
On the highway of life every day;
Let us slow down & God will renew
Our inward parts as we take time
    to pray!
Whether we are a light in a corner
    or on a hill,
Let our light shine & give to others
    a thrill!
Some November days maybe dreary,
Our moods can change. We feel weary.
God is still on the throne -
He says, "Go & cheer someone up,
    who is alone!"

Lily Carreck Milljour