Thank You

Oct 2011

Letter to the Editor

Thank you so much to Jack Krayenhoff and the editorial staff of the Beacon for the wonderful article about James Bay Coffee and Books, 143 Menzies, which appeared in the October issue. It brought some new faces into the shop, and prompted some folks to pick up some  reading material to enjoy. As a result we have had several requests to host a book club at the shop, which we will happily endeavour to get underway. We'll keep you posted.

We sell mostly second hand books which are not only economical, but they are in keeping with green principles: reusable;  the same user-friendly technology that has been  in operation for centuries; doesn't require a direct power source to boot up. David Suzuki even recommends giving used books for Christmas!  Speaking of green, did you know that all our coffee is fair trade organic, and that we compost our coffee grounds.

Just one small correction to the article please: we hold our Music Nights on Fridays from 8 to 10. We have an email list via which we let people know who the feature performers are, who our monthly featured graphic artist is, as well as other community-shop related info. For anyone who is interested, I would be happy to add you to our email list - just pop down to the shop and sign up, or email us at

Kim Willoughby
James Bay Coffee and Books