Letter to the Editor

Whenever I pick up a newspaper I may only glance at the front page but will then look for the Letters to the Editor and the Editorial Page. One thing I miss in the Beacon is the present lack of an Editorial - a focus on life in James Bay; to stimulate readers and to give a balanced account of what is or is not happening here.  Could we have an Editorial? Please?

The September issue had the Report of the James Bay Neighbourhood Association. One column seemed to be of subjects for future agendas but had, under BC transit, "Lack of Connections to Town Centre." The Good Book, aka Riders Guide, tells all us riders that every bus leaving James Bay has a stop at Fort and Douglas or Douglas and Fort. That may or may not be the designated centre of town - if there is one - but it is useful if you need to catch another bus.

Now, wouldn't it be sad if the info you thought you had found in the Beacon, turned out to be not necessarily so?

John Mustard