By Doreen Marion Gee

A wise person once said that most problems between human beings are caused by a lack of communication. The Friendship Cube Community with Graeme Kilshaw seeks to create caring communication between people of all stripes and all ages. At the centre of this exciting community is the Friendship Cube, a hand-held symbol of our loving connection with others. On its surface is a mysterious code based on an ancient phonetic language. It is love, community and mystery all wrapped into one.

Children love the Friendship Cube and quickly absorb its unique language. Their unfiltered minds are open to its magic. Graeme is introducing the cube to elementary school children where it can be a tool for play, literacy and learning. But why should kids have all the fun? Adults too can wrap their minds around its enigmatic code, use it to play games, and just plain relish something different and educational.

What is it that makes us all human? It's that genuine mindful, emotional and heartfelt connection to others. As the Friendship Cube passes through the hands and lives of people in this community, it ties us all together as one. People start talking and communicating, they start sharing stories, ideas and feelings. Graeme eloquently describes the meaning of the Friendship Cube Community: "We are contributing to peace, culture and education. The truest test of our lives is what we do for one another. It is the difference we make in the lives of others."

Social events are planned for the Friendship Community and people are joining the expanding web sensation. So, dear readers, add a little intrigue to your life. Become part of a new movement, connecting you to others and sprinkling some joy in your personal universe. Enjoy bubbles of laughter as the Friendship Cube warms tiny hands and growing minds.

Who knows - you may even make some beautiful new friends along the way. I did.

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