A Brighter Sunrise

By Doreen Marion Gee

Fisherman's Wharf defines the glorious James Bay experience. It is enticing, beautiful, eccentric, and full of that community spirit and activism that has always put us on the map. Gazing at the lus- cious blue waves and the miniature village of arcane water-borne homes, I feel happy that a unique way of life has been preserved. The tenacity of those gutsy float home owners combined with the reason- able perspective of a new CEO has led to an agree- ment that secures everyone's future. It is a 'win-win' all around.

The mood of the float home owners at Fisher- man's Wharf is exuberant and joyful. They are gush- ing over a new agreement with the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority that gives them security of tenure and a positive future at the harbour's edge. Huge unregulated moorage rate increases were threaten- ing the future of the float home community. But they found a solution and well-deserved respect from Curtis Grad, the new CEO of the GVHA.

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